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When he was a small boy Clive just had to take new toys apart before playing with them. Now and then he was able to put one back together without too many spare parts. Because he had progresed from small toys to bigger ones, like cars and motorcycles, he studied Mechanical Engineering at university.

After University he worked as an Engineering Designer, a Design Consultant, a Musical Instrument Maker, and a High School Technology teacher. He now works as a Development Scientist for an International Company making Scientific Instruments.

Ever since he was small Clive has collected designs for toys and weird devices. He is now combining his love of technology and drawing by sharing some of these projects in how-to books. Followingthe explosive success of Enriching Uranium in the Home for Fun and Profit*, and the intergalactic blockbuster Make Your Own Working UFO , The Hot Air Balloon Book contains the latest selection of Clive's projects.

Clive lives in Herefordshire.

*Homeland Security Footnote: this book title is only pretend and you can’t prove anything. So there.

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