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UK Trash Bag Information

Brand Name
Bag Size
Approximate Sheet Size
Material Weight
ASDA Smart Price 45 Refuse Sacks
725mm opening by 880mm long
1450mm by 860mm
12.3 gsm
TESCO Everyday Value 40 Refuse Sacks
720mm opening by 867mm long
1440mm by 847mm
11.1 gsm
CoOp Simply Value 30 Black Sacks
745mm opening by 865mm long
1490mm by 845mm
11.0 gsm
Morrisons Value 30
745mm opening by 850mm long
1490mm by 830mm
11.4 gsm
Morrisons Savers 30 Refuse Sacks
748mm opening by 865mm long
1496mm by 845mm
11.1 gsm
Money Savers 45
735mm opening by 870mm long
1470mm by 850mm
12.2 gsm
Sainsburys Basics 30
725mm opening by 885mm long
1450mm by 865mm
13.6 gsm

The figures for material weight were calculated by weighing five bags to 0.1g accuracy and then dividing this weight by the total sheet area of the bags. The approximate sheet size is simply the size of the single skin of polythene afte the weld has been cut off and the bag slit to open it out.


5 trash bags weighed 78.4g and measured 725mm across the flattened opening and 880mm long.

When you flatten a trash bag out you have two skins, so the total surface area of one bag was 2 x 0.725 x 0.880 = 1.276 square metres
There were five bags, so the total area of plastic sheet that I weighed was 5 x 1.276 = 6.380 square metres
If 6.38 square metres of plastic sheet weighed 78.4g then one square metre would weigh 78.4 / 6.38 = 12.3 grams per square metre

If you weigh and measure your own trash bags you can use this simple spreadsheet to calculate the material weight for yourself.